Manitou 90 deg angle gearbox problems

Manitou 90 deg angle gearbox drives have been about for many years now in various models and although they have had a few improvements over the years they still have a few common issues but the two i most commonly see are,

1st Is the big nut on the main shaft behind the torque converter, these often work loose. This then wears the splines of the supporting flange and also lets the converter float in an out of the transmission oil pump which can damage the pump and converter. Also will leak 90 deg gearbox oil out in to the bell housing.

2nd The Hydraulic pump bolts to the back of the 90 deg gearbox and is driven via a set of splines off the main shaft. These splines are common to wear causing excessive rattling at low engine speeds and under load. Given time the spines will wear through and a total loss of hydraulics and steering will occur.

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